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We have stations located in Burnaby, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec and Sydney.

Canadian Monitoring Stations

Altec Security’s alarm monitoring is a unique, 100% Canadian-owned system. It has 6 separate (yet connected) monitoring stations that are online together at all times. Your incoming signal or phone call can be answered at your local station, or any of our other 5 locations, at any time.

Monitoring Contract

Altec Security provides monitoring for 1 year at a time. Each year, you have the choice of continuing with this service. If you move within our service area, your monitoring can be transferred to your new location. You only have to pay the cost of installation and parts needed.

Here are 10 reasons you should consider our professional, dependable monitoring system:

  • A break-in, fire or other emergency can be responded to immediately, allowing for more opportunity to take action
  • Panic or distress features are available in cases of a personal emergency
  • Insurance discounts are often available (even more so with smoke detectors)
  • You can register an up to date call list of family or friends that can respond in a way that suits your situation 
  • You don’t have to depend on neighbours to respond, or annoy them with a loud outdoor siren
  • The system will warn the monitoring station of any maintenance problems, e.g. low battery
  • Monitored smoke detectors will dispatch the fire department immediately, providing a greater chance of saving your pets and possessions.
  • Even if the loud outdoor tampered siren is disabled, the monitoring station will know that a break-in is in progress
  • For multiple users, it can provide computerized reports on specific incidents, such as opening and closing managerial reports, names of people who accessed the system, and unauthorized entry/exit times
  • System sends a daily test signal to verify proper alarm operation

There are also plenty of things you can do to arm yourself against security breaches to your home or business.

We Have Stations Located in Burnaby, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City and Sydney


Can You Put a Price on Safety?

We offer a range of affordable packages to meet your residential or commercial security needs.

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UltraSync™ SmartHome

Stay in touch and in control at all times with your phone or tablet with this integrative security system.

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Security Cameras

Protect your residential or commercial property with our advanced megapixel and Wi-Fi connected cameras.

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